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 Lake Fishing

The Lake Ponchatrain and Basin Foundation constructed nine artifical reefs in Lake Pontchartrain between 2000 and 2009. The reefs are a great fishing spots and can be easily worked into a strategy for a day's fishing. The reefs seem to be a biological success, they have not moved and continue to see more colonization and different species of fish. Overall, 50 species of clams, shrimp, fish, crabs, etc have been documented. Fish species are listed below.

Sites in Jefferson: (Generally, these sites are should not be fished by flat boat or by boats smaller than 16 feet)
For coordinates, please go to:

Bonnabel Boat Launch

  • Shell pad north of launch
  • Artificial reef ball site north of Pontchatrain Beach Causeway Bridge
  • Mouth on the Industrial Canal
  • Ten shell pads west of Causeway Bridge
  • Three artificial reef ball sites west of Causeway

Williams Boat Launch

  • Causeway Bridge
  • Two shell pad north of Bonnabel boat launch
  • Numerous oil and gas platforms northwest of Williams Power line

Fish Documented Near Reefs

American eel freshwater drum  sand seatrout 
Atlantic croaker  gaff top sail catfish  sea catfish
Atlantic spadefish  gray snapper  sheeshead
Atlantic stingray Gulf menhaden skilletfish
bay anchovy  Gulf toadfish  skipjack herring
black drum inland silversides southern flounder
blue catfish Jack crevalle spot
bull shark  naked goby  spotted seatrout
freckled blenny  pinfish striped anchovy
  red drum  striped mullet

Please contact the Lake Pontchartrin Basin Foundation for all information regarding the Lake.
(504)836-2205 or