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 Red Fishin' Adventure by Captain Ripp

Y’all come on down to Da Bayou to fish and pass a good time with us!

I want to thank Moose and his guest from both side of da lake for fishin with us.  Here’s his adventure - Dem boys drove down all ready, had smoke comein off da pit when i got dare and YES, dey was dippin into some cold drinks while watchin da pit smoke.  Now dem weather people was givein some rain showers for the nite timebut I don’t tink dey taught we was gonna get wat we got.  We got 6 inches of heavy rain and some large rain drops, how big you say, I tink dey was runnin about 9 drops to da dozen dey was so big and along with dat we got 2 bouts of HAIL, dats right I said hail, somethin’ you don’t see on da Bayou.  We also got some 30 plus miles per hour wind, we all got a FREE lightnin show from Mother Nature dat lasted 3/4 of da night, dey was so close together da thunder sounded like it came before da lightin a few times.  Now in da mornin when I got to da boat shed da wind had died a lot and all da rain was gone, but when I got back down ramp da water had swelled up about 10 inches or so.

Dat crew was waitin on us when we pulled up to get dem.  High water, dat part was good but I was pretty sure it was gonna have a muddie effect on our fishin grounds, WRONG.  For da most parts da water was pretty clear.   We started out with dead shrimp under a cork but soon changed over to gold spoons due to the perty strong winds dat were dying down.   Mr. Moose caught da biggest redfish on our boat and even a nice Green Trout using dat spoon.  A picture was takein with one of dem fancy phones and not long after he caught that big Red it was bein sent out world wide I tink.  Check y’all phone cuz I tink he sent to every person he knew.  Some people was still in bed, some people was gettin out of bed and some people across da globe was just goin to bed, gotta love dat.