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Let’s be honest, your new year’s resolution probably involves fewer calories and more time spent in a gym, but have you considered adding time for fishing in your calendar? If not, then it’s time to grab your pole and make your way to Jefferson Parish. Here’s why:1.... read more
It's a tad HOT down here…..and we are not just talking about the weather.  The fishing is hot in Lafitte/ Barataria and in Grand Isle.The specks are hitting all the summer hot spots- Mud Lake, Cabinash Cove, Bird Island and out to Four Bayou Pass.   Remember to get your... read more
Captain Donovan Hinton with Lagniappe Fishing Charters shares his expertise with us monthly in his articles found in Coastal Angler Magazine.   Let me share with you his June 2012 tip for catching the ‘big one’.“The fishing in Lafitte/Barataria area is heating up day by... read more
An article found in Louisiana Conservationist Magazine, suggests that sometimes the best adventures  can be the ones closest to home. Kristy Christiansen (the author) and her family  spent the weekend having fun in their own backyard in Grand Isle.   The article goes on to... read more
Inshore Fishing- Topwater Fishing is the name of the game.  Brown shrimp are at the top oof the menu for the speckled trout that completed spawning with May’s Full Moon.  you can find these speckled beauties at the outer edges of the marsh, wrecks  and water platforms. ... read more
Y’all come on down to Da Bayou to fish and pass a good time with us!I want to thank Moose and his guest from both side of da lake for fishin with us.  Here’s his adventure - Dem boys drove down all ready, had smoke comein off da pit when i got dare and YES, dey was dippin into some... read more
Winter is now upon us and it might be easy to spend a lot of time inside, but for those who like adventure it’s a great time to launch your kayak and catch red fish. Winter fishing requires a little more planning and here are a few tips to keep you safe. First, let someone know your float... read more